Welcome to The Mom Episodes!

By Amy Amatangelo

Hello and welcome to my new parenting blog: The Mom Episodes.

As some of you know, I have been writing about TV for many years (check out my TV Gal blog if you’re interested). A few years ago I gave birth to my daughter, Molly, and I’ve realized I have lots to say about being a parent too.

On this blog you will find:

My musings about parenthood: For example, lately I’ve been obsessed with the moms I meet who are wearing trendy clothes, whose hair has been blown dry and styled and who have perfectly applied make up. In my mind, these women have full-time nannies and a personal assistant. They probably don’t but it makes me feel better to think that they have a team of people helping them look great. The other day I took my daughter to our music class and I looked down at my shirt and realized I had a hole in it. A hole. Not a little hole. A “I can’t believe I left the house with this shirt on” hole. I try to look good every day but really what I accomplish most days is being clean.

Reviews and commentary of children’s TV programming: If there’s a new kid’s TV show that I think is great, I’ll let you know about it. I’ll also have news about what’s happening with children’s television programming including when new episodes start, special guest stars and plot lines.

Sales and Bargains: I’m all about saving money. My entire family thinks I should be on Extreme Couponing.  So if I hear about a good sale or a great coupon or figure out a way to maximize savings I’ll let you know about it.

Fast and easy recipes: I hate it when a recipe is advertised as quick and easy and then starts off with “take two cups of diced, cooked chicken meat.” If I had diced, cooked chicken meat, I wouldn’t need your recipe now, would I? But every so often I stumble across a recipe that is super easy (little prep time, usually involves two pots or less) and fairly healthy. I share those recipes here.

But mostly this blog will be a fun place to discuss the joys, frustrations and laugh out loud moments that come with being a parent.  I won’t post as often here as I do on my TV Gal blog so please sign up to follow my blog so you will know every time I have a new post.

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